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Deaf Access provides a diverse range of groups and services aimed at supporting independence and empowerment.



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Fundraising is FUN!

If you are looking to raise funds for Charity then why not support Deaf Access.  Together we can make a real difference to LOCAL people with hearing problems!

There are many things you could do, either on your own, with friends or at work.  From organising a raffle or walking up Everest!!

Contact us to find out how we can be of assistance in your fundraising campaign. We would love to hear about your ideas.

You can also make one-off or regular donation to support the work of Deaf Access.  

We wish you the best of luck with your efforts.  We appreciate all the effort people put into raising funds for Deaf Access. Thank You!

Buy and Sell on Ebay to support Deaf Access.

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Recycle your old car for free and donate money to Deaf Access too!

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Recycle your old Car

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